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Music, painting, cinema, photography, sculpture, the arts has been my passion since always. Always wanted to know more, to do, to discover that all the mysteries enclosed in the ART world.

In my adolescence i took different art lessons, after school, private painting lessons, mostly. But...It all really began at 2009, i was 24, when decided to quit my law studies and turn all into art and history new goal. For first scenography and art direction with the Professor Daniel Menossi in Buenos Aires, course that lead me to start the Cinema Director career. I've assisted to the "IDAC", Institute of Cinematographic Art of Avellaneda, Buenos Aires. In 2010 bought my first digital camera and did some studio photo and fashion portraits at XEO Studio of Alberto Longo, photographer based in Buenos Aires. While i've also participated in a radio show, in Radio Zonica, online radio worldwide transmitted, as producer. I began to work as photographer and travel at 2012 in the Navigator of the Seas, Royal Caribbean, for The Image Group. I've realized in this first travel and work experience. I've discover the world that surround us, how big it is, how beautiful, vaste and marvelous is it, it all open my mind as a person and as an artist. Later that year, did a summer experience in a beach city, Pinamar, coast of Buenos Aires, with an enterprise dedicated to tourism photo. Also did my first video experiences as free lancer for privates. In the year 2013 traveled to Costa Rica to be part of Photoventura team in the Riu Hotel, Guanacaste, tourism photo too. Back in Buenos Aires decided to start a new design project, bags and shoes, "S & S " Design Bags. In order to create also an image for my new business, i've donne product photography courses at the Palermo University, in Buenos Aires. To travel is also the way i choose to live my life. Taking with me my camera and laptop everywhere, creating, working, doing a register, sharing, learning and enjoying my life in art. At the end of the year 2013 another season at the argentinian coast, for a trendy mark of accessories Italy - Argentina based. After that summer, 2014 comes out another big trip, this time along more than 7 thousand miles trough the Patagonia, Argentina. Coming back home or at least till then, Buenos Aires, Europe destination came out. 2014 Italy, France, Spain and Scotland. Went back to Italy and Florence hosted for me a new home. I've learned Italian and found the "Art Gallery Studio Iguarnieri", an incredible artist team who still host me in their studio as friend and coworker in contemporary fresco paintings, i take care of the digital image department. Paintings photo, web site building, graphic design, video and montage, digital marketing content and communication.

Many destinations and experience lead me now, still in the old continent based but with thousands of shoots and brush strokes still to do.

Sabrina Gaitan is a fiction-based photographer and video maker whose work focuses on a wide angle variety as fashion and portraiture, travel, art works, and others

Sabrina attended the IDAC, School of Cinematographic Arts of Avellaneda at Buenos Aires, Argentina. She worked in radio, theatre, photography and video accomplishment.

For more information on Sabrina's work, to get in touch regarding employment opportunities, or to just say hello, feel free to get in touch.

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